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Nestful is a line of thoughtfully curated vintage with a focus on quality, everyday clothing made from natural fibers such as linen, silk, cotton and wool. We strive to demonstrate that unique style and design can exist with sustainability in mind.


An extremely high level of care goes into each garment before being put out into the world. Much of the collection is mindfully mended, naturally dyed, or re-sewn in order to bring out the beauty of each item. Our main focus is to give new life to discarded heirloom-quality pieces and to encourage others to invest in time-honored clothing over disposable fashion.  


The Nestful Studio is available for in-person shopping by appointment. We are located in Rollinsford, NH just 20 minutes from Portsmouth and an hour south of Portland, ME. Please send an email to hello@nestfulvintage.com to schedule your shopping experience!