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Market at the Mills


✨Greetings vintage-loving friends 
Mark your calendars and join us
Saturday, October 8th, 10-4pm
for the very first Fall edition of Vintage Market at the Mills!
This is will be the second time our group of collectors have gathered together to open our studios in the Salmon Falls Mills to the public! This go around there will be 4 open studios throughout the building plus a specially dedicated studio for pop-up vendors. 

🍄 AND we now have an gram dedicated to the event: @market_at_the_mills 
Please give us a follow!

🍄 Vintage Market at the Mills is a vintage-centric event featuring 10+ vintage clothing, homegoods, and upcylced vendors from around New England. 5 of whom will be opening their studios in the Mills for a unique, intimate shopping experience. 

Bring your reusable tote and
shop sustainable fashion and
decor throughout the building from vendors selling a wide variety of uniuqe vintage goods such as: coats, pants, and dresses, to various accessories, midcentury modern home goods, up-cycled and screen printed second hand clothes, naturally dyed bags made with vintage fabric scraps, art deco home furnitures and so so much more!

The Salmon Falls Mills
Upper Building - 1 Front St.
Rollinsford, NH

Guide to open studios
provided at entrance!
Our current participant list includes:
Mill Residents
  • Hello Hue - Handmade, zero-waste, naturally dyed accessories with reclaimed fabric // Skye @hellohue_studio // Studio # 457
  • Nestful Vintage - Natural fiber vintage clothing + home goods thoughtfully curated // Stephanie @nestful_vintage // Studio #315
  • Sassafras – Handmade kitchen accessories + vintage home goods // Sarah @sassafras.sarah (jointly with Katherine @collect.ed.ive.ion) // Studio #201
  • Van Claus Designs - clean, minimalist vintage and antique home goods // Katherine @vanclausdesigns (jointly with Sarah @collect.ed.ive.ion) // Studio #201
  • Cedar and Pearle - vintage home goods, clothing, and funky furniture // Rebecca @cedarpearle // Studio #4A6
Pop-up Artisans
  • Sister Ray - Vintage clothing - all eras, all bodies, all budgets // Rachel @shop_sister_ray // Dedicated pop-up studio #409
  • New Age Vintage - Vintage clothing that covers all the bases - antique to 80s punk // Esther @new_age_vintage_ // Dedicated pop-up studio #409
  • Murphy’s Paw - Classic, minimalist, natural fiber vintage clothing and goods // Megan @murphyspawthrifts // Nestful Vintage studio #315
  • Haven - artistically curated vintage furniture and goods for the home // Meg @_havengoods // Dedicated pop-up studio #409
  • Thanks, It's Vintage! - Quality vintage and antique home goods and decor // Nicole @thanks_it_s_vintage // Dedicated pop-up studio #409
  • Sam Pao - Uniquely up-cycled clothes with illustrated patches and prints // Sam @_sam_pao // Hello Hue studio #457
  • Mayfly - Sustainable art and fashion business run out of a 69' VW bus // Alex @mayfly.bus // Popped up by front door of mill